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Crane Aerospace & Electronics offers aircraft seat manufacturers, airlines, and other passenger services a full range of high-quality, reliable seating products under our P.L. Porter brand. Our Cabin Systems group primarily serves the commercial aviation market, with solutions for both Premium and Main Cabin seating. Many Cabin Systems products are also found in other service or industrial applications, where our durable devices can be relied upon in very tough usage conditions.


     mcX Modular Control Overview

mcX Premium Seat Modular Control System

  • Business and first-class seating
  • Patented “smart unit” modular architecture
  • Flexible and expandable – easy to add and update features
  • Enhanced diagnostic capabilities
  • Smooth, quiet passenger experience 

Hydrolok Hydraulic Seat Recline Devices

Hydrolok Hydraulic Seat Recline Devices

  • Main cabin and transportation seating
  • Maximum service life and reliability
  • Infinite adjustment capability
  • Rigid locking
  • Lightweight model available
Mechlok Mechanical Seat Recline Devices

Mechlok Mechanical Seat Recline Devices

  • Main cabin seating and industrial applications
  • Durable and reliable in tough usage conditions
  • Axial load capability of 2,000 lbs

Control Cables

Control Cables

  • In service on virtually all main cabin seats
  • Low friction, high strength
  • Long service life
  • High cable conduit flexibility for easy routing



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Featured Product

HG Hydrolok Overview

HG Hydrolok

The new HG Hydrolok® from Crane Aerospace & Electronics raises the bar for lightweight, durable main cabin seat recline systems. The HG delivers the performance and reliability of a traditional Hydrolok in the lightest weight on the market. It weighs 20% less than a gas lock, and 50% less than traditional hydraulic locks. Like all Hydroloks, it combines flexible adjustment capability with rigid locking for a high-quality system that requires no maintenance. Learn more about the HG Hydrolok.



Crane Cabin Systems' Aerospace Legacy

AA Compact Hydrolok

P.L. Porter pioneered the Hydrolok, the first hydraulic aircraft seat recline device, in the 1940s. The product line then matured into electrically-powered seat actuation systems, including designs for single, double, and triple-passenger premium seats. Today, the mcX™ Premium Seat Control System delivers a smooth, quiet, seamless experience for business and first-class customers.


Now known as Crane Cabin Systems, our products are flying on every large commercial aircraft today, from over 50,000 premium seat control systems to over 1 million main cabin seat recline systems. We offer a depth of experience unparalleled in the industry, upon which our customers can rely.





Crane Cabin Systems products are known for reliable performance across varied applications.


  • Premium and main cabin seats
  • Pilot and crew seats, storage bins, crew rest modules, elevator  and door actuation


Office Equipment

  • Chair recline, seat tilt, fore and aft tracking, arm rest adjustment, ergonomic design adjustment
  • Adjustable devices for work surfaces, computer keyboard mounts and table heights

Health and Wellness

  • Wheelchairs, dental chairs, orthopedic / chiropractic / therapy tables
  • Treadmills, weight machines, rowers, steppers



  • Machine and process applications for set-up, changeovers and maintenance procedures