Landing Systems: A320 LGCIU

Brand Expertise: ELDEC, Hydro-Aire

Landing Systems: A320 LGCIU

Brand Expertise: ELDEC, Hydro-Aire

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A320 Landing Gear Control Interface Unit (LGCIU)

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Enhanced A320 LGCIU (532.14 KB)

Crane’s 80-178-03-88013 Landing Gear Control Interface Unit is the standard A320 production unit and a drop-in replacement for the 664700500A4A/B/C/D legacy unit.


  • Increased operational performance and dispatch reliability

  • Improved dispatch reliability through improved fault isolation capability

  • Reduced maintenance, inventory and replacement costs through reduced removals

  • Reduced weight – reduction of 4.7kg (10.4 pounds) per shipset (42%)

  • 4 year OEM warranty

  • No aircraft modification is required

  • Interchangeability reference Airbus SB A320-32-1401

  • Power consumption approximately 24% lower than legacy LGCIU

Airbus Service Bulletin A320-32-1401 and Crane Service Letter 80-178-03-01 are released for upgrading of the Landing Gear Control Interface Unit (LGCIU) with the Production Standard Crane LGCIU for all in-service A320 family aircraft.


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To find out more about retrofitting your existing A320 fleet, contact us or contact the authorized distributor for your region:

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