Thermal Management Solutions

High Heat. Crane Cooled.


Thermal Management Solutions

High Heat. Crane Cooled.



With more than a 100 years of fluid management excellence, Crane Aerospace & Electronics delivers world-class, custom-built or rapidly configurable aerospace & defense thermal management solutions - from low and high voltage motor-driven pumps to industry-proven liquid cooling components.

High Heat. Crane Cooled.

Rapidly Configurable or Custom Solutions

Crane A&E's Fluid Management team is committed to meeting and exceeding customer demand. From a complete thermal management system to a one-off liquid cooling product, we can scale from a rapidly configurable to a completely customized solution. 

Broad Thermal Management System Product Selection

From our low, mid or high power modular motor-driven liquid cooling pumps to reservoirs, tanks and accumulators, filter modules and valves and heat exchangers, Crane A&E is proud to offer a broad selection of industry-leading liquid cooling system components.

100 Years of Fluid Management Expertise

Our fluid story started in 1910 when we patented vane pump technology. Today, with more than 150,000 fuel and lubrication pumps in service, Crane A&E is the aerospace & defense industry's go-to source for positive displacement pumps, centrifugal pumps and fuel flow transmitters.

Industry Leading Motor Driven Liquid Cooling Pumps

Our pumps feature high reliability, high efficiency, priming performance, contamination wear resistance and can be rapidly configured to include motors or motor control for a completely customized solution.

Thermal Management Products

Fluid Pumps

Crane A&E's positive displacement and centrifugal pumps are custom designed or rapidly configurable to meet a customer's liquid cooling needs. Our motor-driven pumps feature a 28V-800VDC motor control range and support a wide range of voltages up to 15kW - perfect for a thermal management system building block.

  • Gearbox Driven
  • Hydraulic Motor Driven
  • 400 Hz Fixed Frequency AC
  • 28 VDC Brush and brushless
  • 270/540/600/800 VDC brushless
Brushless DC-DC Motor-Driven Centrifugal Pump

Tanks, Reservoirs, Accumulators, Heat Exchangers

Crane A&E designs and builds custom reservoirs, tanks and accumulators to best match a customer's needs. Our products are optimized for peak thermal management performance and have proven reliability in harsh aerospace & defense environments.

  • Accommodates Fluid Expansion and Contraction
  • Fill or Drain Features
  • Temperature and Volume Sensing
  • Thermal Relief Valve

Filter Modules, Valves

Crane A&E offers a wide variety of customized filter modules and valves to support thermal management systems. Our industry-leading fluid management products are cost-effective and excel in harsh aerospace & defense environments.

  • Pressure Relief, Bypass Valves for System/Pump Protection
  • Pressure Regulation Valves for Flow/Pressure Control
  • Check Valves for System/Pump Fluid Isolation
  • Ports for Customer Sensors
Filter Assembly and Valves

100 Years of Fluid Management Excellence

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