Sensing Components & Systems: Fuel Gauging Systems

Sensing Components & Systems: Fuel Gauging Systems

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Fuel Gauging Systems

Accurately monitoring the quantity of on-aircraft fuel is a critical function necessary for safe and efficient operations. Crane uses proven sensing technologies to provide accurate measurement regardless of fuel tank geometry and type, as well as over the entire flight profile. Crane fuel measurement system consider external inputs (as the aircraft attitude and G factor) to optimize calculation of fuel behavior and level. More than 20,000 fuel probes have been delivered worldwide as today.

Crane provides proven fuel gauging solutions from standalone active fuel probes with integrated electronics to complete gauging systems which include cockpit displays, external refuel panels, and optional sensors (level, density & temperature). Crane fuel products ensure accurate and reliable, real-time fuel quantity measurement with a focus on the large commercial, business, regional, helicopter and UAV markets.

Key Customers

  • Airbus Helicopters
  • Bell Helicopters
  • Leonardo Helicopters
  • Pilatus A/C
  • Grob A/C
  • UAVs