Cabin Systems: HG HYDROLOK®

Cabin Systems: HG HYDROLOK®

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The new HG HYDROLOK from Crane Aerospace & Electronics raises the bar for durable and lightweight main cabin seat recline systems. The HG delivers the performance and reliability of a traditional Hydrolok in the lightest weight on the market. Like all Hydroloks, it combines flexible adjustment capability with rigid locking for a high-quality system that requires no maintenance.


  • Extremely lightweight: as low as 0.26 lbs (119 g)
  • Best-in-class ultimate load of 4,000 lbf (16,444 N)
  • Infinite adjustment capability• Override safety feature
  • Adjustable stroke• Integral attachment end• 4130 steel chrome-plated piston
  • Proprietary hydraulic seal technology
  • Anodized protective finish
  • Continuous fluid compensation