Sensing Components & Systems: Proximity Sensors

Sensing Components & Systems: Proximity Sensors

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Proximity Sensors

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All-Metal Technology Proximity Sensors, Switches and Targets

Superior Components Mean Reliable Systems. Position indication and control systems are only as reliable as the components within those systems. That’s why at Crane Aerospace & Electronics we design and manufacture a complete line of durable indication and control components — from passive sensors to self-contained proximity sensors for landing gear (including weight on wheels), doors, slats, or virtually any moving device or surface. Since inventing inductive aerospace proximity sensing technology in 1965, Crane has been recognized as the industry’s leading developer of proximity sensing components. And we’re committed to continuing that leadership into the 21st century.

Because it is non-contact, inductive proximity technology is the preferred means of providing high-reliability position sensing of aircraft mechanical systems. Crane offers ELDEC inductive proximity sensors which are 100% repeatable and are not affected by environmental conditions, making this technology ideally suited for harsh applications and severe environments such as those found on landing gear, doors, flight controls and engines.

Crane proximity sensing components include both rugged and reliable passive proximity sensors and fully self-contained active proximity sensors (proximity switches).