Introducing Crane A&E's New Interpoint xMOR Product Family

Introducing Crane A&E's New Interpoint xMOR Product Family

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xMOR Product Family

An industry leader since 1969, our Crane A&E Interpoint® brand products are featured on mission-critical applications across the world and in space. Our products deliver proven excellence in extreme or harsh environments. We provide unmatched solutions when failure is not an option.

Our power converters and EMI filters power mission critical applications on multiple fighter, commercial helicopter programs, the International Space Station, NASA’s Mars Exploration Program, James Webb Space Telescope, advanced missile platforms and many commercial scientific satellite programs. We are pleased to build from this rich legacy and deliver customers our newest innovation – the highly efficient 120W Interpoint xMOR product family.

The aerospace and defense industry is ever evolving. From low-orbit satellites to deep space missions, from long mission UAVs to advanced next-gen missiles – a broad range of innovation requires a broad range of reliable and performant solutions. The ‘x’ in our new Interpoint xMOR product family represents a customers’ variable – the right power conversion solution needed to enable innovation. With our new 120W cMOR, hMOR, rMOR and xMOR product family, Crane A&E looks forward to Powering Your Mission.

Our product family includes world class solutions for Class K deep space (sMOR), Class H defense (hMOR), rad-tolerant new space (rMOR) and high-reliability COTS (cMOR) applications. Connect with a member of our business development team to learn more about our new Interpoint xMOR product family, which will be available soon.


Simon Abel
Strategic Account Executive, Modular Power

Ronen Cohen
Product Manager, Modular Power

Jason Melton
Product Manager, Modular Power