Employee Spotlight: Everet Wang, Manufacturing Engineer

Employee Spotlight: Everet Wang, Manufacturing Engineer

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Everet Wang’s three-month Crane Aerospace & Electronics internship was invaluable to his development as a manufacturing engineer. He gained important hands-on experience and worked with an exciting modular power team that supplies product to NASA. But there was another element of Everet’s time with Crane A&E that made him want to return years later.

Definitely right off the bat it was the people. The topics were really interesting, but the internship really taught me about how much company culture matters.

— Everet Wang, Manufacturing Engineer at Crane A&E


Everet took a round-a-bout path to becoming a Crane A&E manufacturing engineer. After graduating with a degree in material science and engineering from the University of Washington, he joined AmeriCorps for a year and provided STEM education to low-income K-12 youth in West Seattle. That motivated Everet to earn his master’s degree, and two years later he was hired at Crane A&E.

Everet is part of a team tasked with producing mission-critical power conversion modules designed to hold up in the harshest aerospace, defense and space environments. The camaraderie throughout Everet’s team, as well the content he works on and professional development opportunity, makes Crane A&E an ideal fit for an early-career engineer such as himself.

“I definitely like the multiple hats that you wear,” Everet explained. “You are working with operators, managers, engineers and people from all these different backgrounds. During my grad studies I was a huge nut for volunteering, so it was nice being able to apply those social skills here. Also, during my masters, I learned about coding and data science and the core fundamentals from my degree is material science, so it’s a great fit. All of three aspects really hit at the same time.”

Everet said Crane A&E, which employs around 2,500 employees, is the ideal company size for him – small enough to get to know associates and not so large that he becomes just a number. He’s also been empowered by managers and senior engineers to work on essential business projects.

“One fun project I got to work on was writing software into a program to automate data extraction for one of our wire-bonding machines,” Everet said. “We didn’t have any solution for us to get the data, so I used my coding skills to really extract that information accurately.

“The nice thing I like about Crane is that we work on things that really matter, products that really are going to affect people.” Everet said. “We work on products that get astronauts into space, that make people land safe when they are flying. That really matters, and I have the opportunity to learn a lot of different disciplines.”


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