Modernizations and Upgrades: Battery Chargers & Battery Systems

Modernizations and Upgrades: Battery Chargers & Battery Systems

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Battery Chargers & Battery Systems

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Since the 1960s, Crane Aerospace & Electronics has led the way in the development of battery systems. Our experience in many types of battery chemistries and charging technologies can help select the right one for you. From application engineering, through design and manufacturing, we provide a comprehensive approach to product specification, design, certification and service.

The new 8-930 is a form, fit and function replacement for the existing ELDEC-brand battery chargers on these airplanes. The  8-930 provides significant cost-of-ownership advantages to operators – including higher reliability, enhanced fault isolation, built-in test capabilities, and compatibility with the new SAFT Ultra Low Maintenance (ULM) battery. In addition to all 737, the 8-930 battery charger is interchangeable for use on 747, 757 and 767 aircraft.

We offer a complete range of proven solutions for APU start, standby and flight controls applications. Whether you require batteries, battery chargers or battery subsystems, our products have the expertise and experience built in to deliver a highly reliable product for your aerospace application. Our time-trusted offerings provide low-risk, full service integration of energy storage devices into aircraft electrical systems.

As the battery system integrator, our customer has a single point of contact for their energy storage needs. Our core expertise as the battery system integrator is in the development of the battery system requirements based upon the platform needs. We generate these requirements based upon multiple parameters that allow us to select the chemistry that is best suited for the application. The chemistry we select, whether lead-acid, nickel cadmium or lithium-ion, is then developed by one of our battery partners. Crane develops and manufactures the battery charger and management products as either a standalone battery charger or an integrated battery system.

Main Battery and APU Systems

ELDEC was the first company to provide reliable battery systems for commercial aircraft and remains both the technical and value leader today, offering you:

  • Full battery system responsibility; we work directly with the major battery suppliers and provide a complete solution
  • The strength of our long-standing relationships with major battery suppliers

We can create charge algorithms for your specific battery type. Our new generation of lithium ion battery systems will shave nearly 50% of the weight of the battery system.

Battery Charger Data Sheets

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Output Part Number Battery Size Application
28 V dc nom 8-930 20 cell, 48 Ahr 737-600/700/800/900, 747-400, -8, 757, 767