Landing Systems: C-130 Carbon Brake Antiskid Upgrade

Landing Systems: C-130 Carbon Brake Antiskid Upgrade

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C-130 Carbon Brake Antiskid Upgrade

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Crane’s new digital Mark IV antiskid brake control systems are currently being installed on the US Air Force C-130H fleet as part of the Air Force’s Wheel Brake System Improvement (WBSI) program. The same system is also available for foreign military operators flying legacy C-130s. The Mark IV replaces the older, discontinued Mark II analog antiskid brake control system. Mark IV offers improved braking efficiencies leading to shorter, more controlled stopping with either carbon or steel brakes.

The Mark IV Antiskid Brake Control Unit integrates fully with the new wheel and carbon brakes, providing the same digital brake control responsiveness and performance previously available only to the C-130J operator. It also adds the benefits of a parking brake and visual fault display unit to enhance operator brake control maintenance. 

The Crane Mark IV Antiskid Brake upgrade includes the Mark IV Brake Control Unit, part number 142-151; Brake Control Valve, part number 39-941; Wheel Speed Transducer, part number 140-325; and Fault Display Unit; part number 142-15520. 

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