Fluid Management: Positive Displacement Pumps

Fluid Management: Positive Displacement Pumps

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Positive Displacement Pumps


Crane offers the highest reliability aerospace positive displacement pumps invane, gerotor, and spur gear configurations. Our ETOPS rated, gearbox-mounted vane element lube and scavenge pumps provide our customers with superior air and oil pumping capability.

Gerotor oil pumps have a single shaft design with fewer parts and single or multi-element configurations. Spur gear pumps offer a lot of pump in a confined space with a shorter package and high pressure capability. Coolant pumps can include integral motor controller, reservoir, and valves to complement any application.

Vane pumps can be used in oil, fuel and coolant applications and provide superior air/oil pumping capability.

Features include:

  • High contamination resistance
  • Weight and size advantages
  • Packaging flexibility
  • Single or multi-element arrangements
  • Accessory pad or motor driven