Fluid Management: Fuel Boost Pump

Fluid Management: Fuel Boost Pump

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Fuel Boost Pump

Crane Aerospace & Electronics designs, manufactures, and supports a wide variety of centrifugal pumps. Pad and motor driven designs for fuel, fuel boost, and jettison pumps are used on many general aviation, business jet, commercial transport, and military aircraft applications. Major features include inverted flight capability, fully submerged operation, explosion-proof electric motors, liquid seal priming element, and dry run capability. Additionally, our pump design can incorporate an AC motor, DC brush motor, DC brushless motor, 270 volt DC motor, or a hydraulic motor.


  • Mixed flow, single or double inducer/impeller for pumping volatile fuel at high aircraft climb rates
  • Flow rates up to 40,000 lbs/hr (120 gpm)
  • Reprime capabilities
  • Output pressure up to 28 psig
  • Power supply: 3 phase AC, 115/200V, 400Hz
  • Non-resettable thermal fuses
  • Excellent dry run characteristics
  • Ease of service: Quick motor-impeller subassembly removal and replacement
    without draining the fuel tank
  • Wet motor design: Fuel lubricates bearings and cools the electric motor