Cabin Systems: MCX G3 Power Supply

Cabin Systems: MCX G3 Power Supply

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MCX G3 Power Supply

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The Future of Cabin Actuation

The new G3 power supply module for the mcX™ Premium Seat Modular Control System from Crane Aerospace & Electronics enables the next generation of the passenger experience. G3 power supply module is compact, lightweight, efficient and designed to support a networked cabin and advanced prognostics.

The mcX system uses a distributed control architecture, which allows individual modules to operate independently from a central controller. The patented modular architecture and primary/secondary CANBUS system allows for rapid system expansion and simple add-ons. G3 power supply module integrates seamlessly into the existing mcXt architecture for a quick-acting, smooth and smart system.


  • Redundant supporting design = increased reliability/availability
  • Enables advanced prognostics and diagnostics
  • Connected cabin ready. Ethernet, USB, wireless, RS485  and 422 connectivity
  • 25% lighter
  • 60% power factor improvement
  • 28% efficiency improvement
  • 10% size reduction
  • 300W continuous load
  • 4 CAN busses
  • Multiple auxiliary I/O channels. Fewer required modules = lower cost systems