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Landing Systems



Crane Aerospace & Electronics brings industry-leading electronic and hydraulic subsystems for landing gear together in solutions that add value and offer superior performance you can count on. We deliver custom-engineered brake control systems, reliable hydraulic components, and industry-leading landing gear proximity indication systems.

Brake Control Systems

  • Antiskid Systems

  • Fully Automatic Braking Controls with Torque Limiting

Hydraulic Equipment

  • Control Valves, Hand Pumps, Servo Controls, Integrated Packages and Reservoir/accumulators

Landing Gear Control Systems

ELDEC | Hydro-Aire
  • Landing Gear Position Annunciation, Landing Gear Door Position Annunciation, Control of Extension/Retraction Sequence, Nose Wheel Steering Electronic Control, Hydraulic Control

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Featured Products

Boeing 787 Brake Control Unit  

Boeing 787

First certified electric brake antiskid system for commercial transport aircraft. The Mark V digital brake-by-wire antiskid system with integrated brake temperature monitoring (BTMS) and wireless tire pressure indication (TPIS), via SmartStem®, systems based on an Axle Advanced Remote Data Concentrator (ARDC) architecture.

C-130 Wheel and Brake System    

C-130 Wheel and Brake System Improvement (WBSI)

Modernization and Upgrade program for US Air Force to upgrade pre-C-130J aircraft with Crane’s Mark IV digital antiskid control system which is standard equipment on the C-130J.



Crane Landing Technology Evolution


System   Crane Introduces:       Benefits
Mark 1     first antiskid in 1947        
Mark II      first wheel speed
  • Electronics to drive rate sensing
  • Linear four-way pressure control valves to modulate brake pressure
  • Improved brake control efficiency & reliability on all pavement conditions
Mark III      first adaptive control    
  • Based on maximum braking under all operating conditions
  • Higher response Hydraulic control valves
  • Improved brake control, smoothness and efficiency
  • Wet and dry runway performance improvement
Mark IV      first microprocessor-
   based digital system
  • Improved control algorithms allowed efficiencies >95% under all operating conditions
  • Unigain antiskid valve improved system performance under variable pilot pedal input
Mark V      complete brake-by-
   wire system
  • Very high performance digital brake control
  • Latest technology used on B787 (electric brake)





  • Mark IV standard Hydraulic Digital Antiskid Systems for retrofit applications and new programs
  • Mark V hydraulic or electric Brake-by-wire Antiskid Systems for retrofit applications and new programs
  • Integrated Brake Temperature Monitoring and Tire Indication and Pressure Systems
  • Landing Gear Position Annunciation, Landing Gear Door Position Annunciation, Nose Wheel Steering