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  Fluid Management Solutions  


The Fluid Advantage

Crane is a world leader in the design and manufacture of positive displacement pumps, centrifugal pumps and true mass flowmeters used in aerospace and defense markets. Our ELDEC, Hydro-Aire and Lear Romec brands deliver over 100 years of industry expertise. Our products are known for their proven performance, technology, accuracy, and reliability.

Lube and Scavenge Pumps

Lear Romec
  • Vane, Gerotor, Spur Gear

  • Applications: oil, fuel and coolant

       - Gas turbine and gearbox lubrication

       - Motive flow fuel pumps

       - APU fuel boost pumps

       - Cooling, radar and avionics

Fuel, Water, Coolant Pumps

Hydro-Aire | Lear Romec
  • AC, VFAC, DC and brushless DC

  • Applications: fuel and coolant

       - Aircraft fuel boost and transfer

       - Potable water

       - Radar and avionics cooling

Fuel Flow Transmitters

  • Mass fuel flow measurement ranges
    from 70 - 35,000 PPH



Featured Product


Tri-Jet Fuel Pump Connector

Tri-jet Fuel Pump Electrical Housing Connector

The new Hydro-Aire fuel pump electrical housing connector prevents moisture intrusion into the fuel pumps of DC-10, MD-11, and KC-10 aircraft.





  • Improved potting process and redundant sealing

  • Exhaustive stress testing for proven reliability

  • Eliminates repetitive inspections when installed with fault current detector required in AD 2013-08-23

  • Extends required 18-month repetitive inspection cycle to 24 months when installed alone


  • Prevents moisture intrusion in the fuel pumps of DC-10, MD-10, and KC-10 aircraft

  • 100 times more reliable than previous-generation connectors

  • Eliminates the risk of fuel pump damage and saves time, labor, and costs incurred by required repetitive inspections


Crane Fluid Technology Evolution

  • Crane patents the first through blade vane pump in 1911


  • Crane introduces the first aircraft vane fuel pump for the U.S. Navy


  • Crane introduces the first multi element lube and scavenge pump


  • Crane introduces a dual bore vane pump


  • Crane introduces an integrated lube pump system


  • Crane introduces the first housingless vane pump

 History of Fluid Management Products