SmartStem® Tire Pressure Indication System for Commercial Transports

SmartStem® Tire Pressure Indication System for Commercial Transports

The SmartStem wireless tire pressure management system enables you to realize many benefits across your fleet. Simply replace your existing standard fill valves with SmartStem Tire Pressure Sensors (TPS) and then use the HandHeld Reader (HHR) to wirelessly record and display your aircraft tire pressure. The table below illustrates the many benefits and savings you will experience once you have retrofitted your fleet with SmartStem technology.

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Features and Benefits Manual
Reduced Maintenance Labor and Improved Turn Around Time     x
Improved Dispatch through Aircraft Autonomy     x
No Gas Loss During Tire Pressure Check     x
Improved Tire Pressure Accuracy   x x
Ability to Take Tire Pressure in all Environments     x
Electronic Data Records for Trending and Leaking Tire ID     x
Improved Operator Ergonomics     x
No Scheduled Maintenance or Calibration Required     x
Eliminate Valve Cap Removal     x
Prevent Stem Damage During Check     x
Standardized Fleet Tire Pressure Management x x x


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Smart Stem retrofit

1. HandHeld Reader(HHR) communicates wirelessly to SmartStem Tire Pressure Sensor (TPS)
2. Sensor outputs tire pressure, temperature, tail number and wheel position digitally displayed and recorded in HHR
3. Tire data records easily transferred to workstation for later trending analysis (optional)

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SmartStem wireless tire pressure management system can be easily installed on your large commercial or regional fleet. To find out more about SmartStem retrofit applications for your fleet or to request a quote please click below.

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SmartStem Retrofit Commercial Transport Certifications

Aircraft Models Certification Basis Approved By
737NG TC Boeing: 737-SL-32-195
Crane: SL83-204-02-01
747-400 TC Boeing: 747-SL-32-130
Crane: SL83-204-02-01
777 TC OEM Standard equipment
787 TC OEM Standard equipment
CRJ 100/200/440 STC FAA
CRJ 700/701/702 STC FAA
DHC-8- 100/200/300/400 STC FAA, EASA

Complete List of Certifications:

View a complete list of certifications.

Commercial Transport Certification Basis

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See what customers are saying about SmartStem!

“If you saved the airplane from having a low tire and damaging it the payback was instant… In our opinion SmartStem paid back instantly; it’s a safer operation for us, it’s an easier operation.”

“I think it’s tremendous — from somebody who wasn’t very much sold on the idea to a situation where I don’t know what we would do without it. I mean it is just that much of a change for me and our operation.”   

    - Wayne Smith, Maintenance Manager, CommScope, Hickory, NC

"We've had SmartStem installed in our Lear60 since November 2010. We've incorporated tire pressure as a task we do as we pre-flight the airplane. We've gone as long as two months without adding air to the tire, so that in itself saves about $100 every time. I think one of the major benefits is the increased safety that you get by the flight crew knowing what the condition of their tires is."  

    - Keith Lorch, Aviation Manager, Chief Pilot Red River Resources, Phoenix, AZ

“Prior to going to a continuous checking process, we were seeing our tires wear out at around 150 to 175 cycles. We’ve now had main gear tires that have gone 293 cycles, operating in and out of a 3,500 foot runway." 

    - Jad Donaldson, Chief Pilot Avfuel Corporation, Ann Arbor, MI     

“The single most important thing to prevent over-deflection and tire-related events is: Proper Tire Inflation. There are devices out there that that you can use to make it easier. For example, Crane Aerospace & Electronics has SmartStem, which is a temperature sensing valve stem with a wand for checking, makes it a lot easier.”  

   - Keat Pruszenski, Engineer Retired from Michelin Aircraft Tires

“The technology provides numerous benefits including reduced maintenance costs, improved convenience, and automatic tracking of tire pressure checks – adding an extra measure of safety and extending tire life. It is also designed to be easily retrofitted on existing aircraft since it is compatible with all standard tire maintenance equipment.”

   - Dassault Falcon Jet Corp. Monday, October 29, 2012 - Dassault Falcon Offers SmartStem® Wireless Tire Pressure System on Falcon 50 Aircraft    

"All the negative aspects of using a tire gauge have been removed - things like the loss of nitrogen when we check tire pressures, debris entering the stem when you check it, or unseating the valve stem and having it not seat properly and losing tire pressure that way.”

   - Kevin Hanlon, Pilot Red River Resources, Phoenix, AZ

Contact Information/Reference SmartStem Customers

 Jad Donaldson, Chief Pilot Avfuel Corporation, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 800.521.4106

Cliff Jenkins, Director of Aviation Milliken & Company, Spartanburg, South Carolina, 864.503.6282

Keith Lorch, Aviation Manager, Chief Pilot Red River Resources, Phoenix, Arizona, 602.418.8583

Kevin Hanlon, Learjet 60 Pilot Red River Resources, Phoenix, AZ

Tire manufacturers

Harvey Stackhouse, Director OE Business Development, Michelin Aircraft Tire Corporation, Greenville, South Carolina, 864.458.4496

Keat Pruszenski, Tire Engineer, Retired From Michelin,  864.313.3239

Additional Customer Input

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  • Is my aircraft model covered to allow for SmartStem installation?
    A complete list of SmartStem certifications can be found on the certification tab.


  • What is the basis of certification for my large commercial or regional aircraft?
    For details of the certification basis please see the complete certifications list located on the certification tab. Some of the aircraft are certified through a type cert modification executed by the aircraft OEM. Other aircraft are certified through an STC.


  • If my aircraft is covered under an FAA STC how do I know if an alternate registration authority (EASA or Transport Canada) STC exists for my aircraft?
    We are continuing to gain new international certifications for our existing FAA STCs each day. For the latest certification approvals please refer to the certifications tab. If you require an STC from another authority, please contact us for the latest plans and updates.


  • Do I need to replace the tires or have the wheel non-destructive tested prior to installation of SmartStem sensors?
    No! SmartStem can be installed on any aircraft via detailed installation instructions. There is no requirement to replace tires or NDT the wheels. Please refer to your wheel CMM to determine the requirements for wheel rebalancing and whether or not it is required following installation of SmartStem.


  • Can spare stems and or HandHeld Reader (HHR) be purchased separately?
    Yes. Spare parts can be ordered direct from Crane Aerospace.  


  • Warranty:
    SmartStem sensors, 3 year warranty from Crane Aerospace ship date
    - HHR, 1 year warranty from Crane Aerospace ship date


  • Will the HandHeld Reader (HHR) work on more than one aircraft?
    Yes. The HHR will read and store data from any aircraft with SmartStem sensors installed.


  • How long does it typically take to install SmartStem on my aircraft?
    Approximately 2 hours, including nose wheel balancing prior to placing the aircraft back in service. The aircraft will need to be jacked up, nitrogen removed from the tires, stem removed, SmartStem installed, nitrogen filled, nose wheel(s) balanced. Can also be performed during tire/wheel servicing or replacement.


  • Is SmartStem available on other aircraft types?
    Yes, please see the Certifications tab for details on other aircraft certifications.


  • Where can I purchase SmartStem?
    For additional information about SmartStem for your aircraft fleet or to inquire about an in-service evaluation please submit an “Ask the Expert” request


  • What is the lead time for purchasing SmartStem for my aircraft?
    We will work with you to determine the lead time based on your fleet size and your operational needs. Please submit an “Ask the Expert” request for additional information.


  • Does SmartStem use battery power for transmitting data to the HHR?
    No. SmartStem sensors are passive devices that utilize power from the HHR to wirelessly activate and transmit data from the sensor to the HHR. Similar to RFID technology.


  • Are SmartStem sensors compatible with my standard (mechanical/analog) tire pressure gauge?
    Yes, simply remove the valve cap on your SmartStem sensor and attach you manual fill equipment when required for tire servicing.


  • How accurate is SmartStem for monitoring tire pressure?
    SmartStem sensors are accurate to within +/-2.5PSI at a temperature range of -20 to 125°C.


  • Does the software to download the HHR data files come with the kit?
    Yes a CD containing the HHR Graphical User Interface (GUI) will come with your kit including instructions for installation onto your computer.


  • How many aircraft are currently outfitted with SmartStem sensors worldwide?
    Over 15,000 SmartStem sensors are in the field today. More than 500 aircraft are outfitted with SmartStem systems worldwide.


  • Is SmartStem offered at the OEM for new aircraft purchases?
    Crane can ship hardware anywhere in the world to enable new aircraft installation ahead of delivery. Please contact your OEM today to inquire about SmartStem as an option for your new aircraft delivery.

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