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Tire and Brake Monitoring System (TBMS)

Crane’s TBMS has been standard on all B777’s since Q2 2007. Crane’s
system provides benefits over older 777 installations by combining the
TPMU and BTMU functions into a single Tire Brake Monitoring Unit (TBMU),
eliminating an avionics unit. The tire temperature/pressure correction is done
in the TBMU to provide an accurate tire pressure check without waiting for
cooling down period.

Now, with Boeing’s Service Bulletin, Crane’s TBMS is available for retrofit on your in-service 777.


  • Reduces space and provides 60 lbs (23.7 kg) weight savings per aircraft
  • Significantly improves reliability
  • Uses Crane's SmartStem® wireless tire pressure measurement technology for improved accuracy and safety


Tire and Brake Monitoring System


Save Tire Life, Save Money


Through extensive testing and analysis, Goodyear demonstrated that a mere 5% drop in pressure can result in a 50% drop* in tire life span. The chart below demonstrates the damaging effect of tire fatigue due to underinflation. It’s a proven fact: properly inflated tires last longer.




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*Source: Goodyear “Aircraft Tire Care and Maintenance Manual,” October 2004 revision.