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Tire Pressure and Brake Temperature Monitoring System

TBMS Tire Pressure and Brake Temperature Monitoring System

Save Tire Life, Save Money

Through extensive testing and analysis, Goodyear demonstrated that a
mere 5% drop in pressure can result in a 50% drop* in tire carcass life span.
The chart below demonstrates the damaging effect of carcass fatigue due to underinflation. It’s a proven fact: properly inflated tires last longer.

Less Weight

Because it’s a wireless system, our TBMS weighs less than other available systems — not just a bit less, but a whopping 60 lbs. less on the B777.


Better Reliability

Crane’s TBMS system takes a wireless reading from our SmartStem(TM) (pictured upper right) and forwards the data to the cockpit. This allows the system to eliminate all physical connections at the wheel—where conditions can be gritty, dirty and wet—making our system virtually maintenance and trouble free.


Recognized by Boeing

On December 20, 2006, Boeing released SIL 777-SL-32-051 announcing a change to Crane Aerospace & Electronics’ TBMS on all future B777 deliveries. Boeing also advocates three fleet options for retrofitting to our TBMS and SmartStem(TM). In addition, Boeing has chosen Crane Aerospace & Electronics to develop a fully wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring System for their flagship B787.



It’s Time for a Change to TBMS!


To find out how SmartStem(TM) can be used in your application, submit an inquiry to Ask the Expert.



*Source: Goodyear “Aircraft Tire Care and Maintenance Manual,” October 2004 revision.