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Integrated Tire Pressure and Brake Temperature Monitoring Systems

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TBMS Tire Pressure and Brake Temperature Monitoring Systems

Crane Aerospace and Electronics offers a number of integrated tire pressure and brake temperature monitoring solutions both as standard onboard and optional equipment. Learn more about the system on your aircraft by selecting the relevant tab above.


Proper tire inflation is essential – According to tire manufacturers, proper tire inflation is the most important element of any preventative maintenance program. With an onboard tire pressure monitoring system, you can be assured that your aircraft tires are properly inflated.


Correct brake temperature is critical – OEMs agree that dispatching with overheated brakes reduces safety margins and causes melted fuse plugs, which in turn results in equipment damage. With onboard brake temperature monitoring, you can know your brake temperature at all times and can make the best decisions for dispatching your aircraft and avoiding aircraft damage due to overheated brakes and melted fuse plugs.


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