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SmartStem® Tire Pressure Indication System for Commercial Transports

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The SmartStem wireless tire pressure management system enables you to realize many benefits across your fleet. Simply replace your existing standard fill valves with SmartStem Tire Pressure Sensors (TPS) and then use the HandHeld Reader (HHR) to wirelessly record and display your aircraft tire pressure. The table below illustrates the many benefits and savings you will experience once you have retrofitted your fleet with SmartStem technology.


Features and Benefits Manual
Reduced Maintenance Labor and Improved Turn Around Time     x
Improved Dispatch through Aircraft Autonomy     x
No Gas Loss During Tire Pressure Check     x
Improved Tire Pressure Accuracy   x x
Ability to Take Tire Pressure in all Environments     x
Electronic Data Records for Trending and Leaking Tire ID     x
Improved Operator Ergonomics     x
No Scheduled Maintenance or Calibration Required     x
Eliminate Valve Cap Removal     x
Prevent Stem Damage During Check     x
Standardized Fleet Tire Pressure Management x x x



1. HandHeld Reader(HHR) communicates wirelessly to SmartStem Tire Pressure Sensor (TPS)

2. Sensor outputs tire pressure, temperature, tail number and wheel position digitally displayed and recorded in HHR

3. Tire data records easily transferred to workstation for later trending analysis (optional)


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