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Sensing Components & Systems



Crane Aerospace & Electronics offers both ELDEC inductive proximity sensors for non-contact detection of mechanical systems as well as high-accuracy pressure sensors for a variety of applications including tire pressure, engine electronic control and air-data systems. All incorporate flight proven technology and are in use on many commercial and military aircraft.


Proximity Sensing Products and Systems

  • Landing gear doors, landing gear (weight-on-wheels, unlock), doors, flight control surfaces, thrust reversers


Fuel Gauging Systems

  • Incorporate proven technology to continuously measure the amount of fuel in aircraft fuel tanks


Tire Pressure and Temperature Monitoring Systems

  • Integrated tire pressure and brake temperature monitoring

  • Handheld tire pressure indication solutions

  • Large commercial, regional, military and business jet aircraft


High Accuracy Pressure Sensors

  • Engine control applications, weight-and-balance/CoG systems



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  Sensing Components & Systems  


The Sensing Advantage


Featured Product

Crane's Sensor

80-057 Proximity Sensor Family

Crane’s proven sensor and switch family are used on multiple applications, including landing gear, doors, secondary flight controls and thrust reversers. Crane’s sensors have recently been chosen for several engine nacelle applications, including fan cowl latch and thrust reverser sensing for Trent XWB, LEAP-1A and PurePower 1100G engines for A350 XWB and A320neo aircraft, respectively. These sensors were selected by our customers for their proven performance, high-reliability and overall value.



Technology Evolution

Founded in 1957 as ELDEC corporation, Crane Aerospace & Electronics’ location in Lynnwood, Washington made a name for itself by revolutionizing the way proximity sensing was accomplished on commercial and military aircraft, mainly by creating the industry’s first no-moving-parts sensor with dramatically improved reliability.


Since its start, the ELDEC brand, now known as Crane Sensing Components & Systems, has been a leader in position indication and control systems. Today, Crane sensors are on everything from helicopters to large commercial aircraft to business jets to UAVs.