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Transformer Rectifier Units (TRU)

ELDEC TRUs for Upgrades

As the world’s leading supplier of Transformer Rectifier Units (TRUs) for commercial aircraft since the 1960s, Crane Aerospace & Electronics can provide you with field-proven, exceptionally reliable solutions. We have thousands of ELDEC TRUs in the field for a wide variety of aircraft programs. The units operate from 3-phase power sources and are sized from 10 to 400 amps. Our units are either regulated or unregulated units, and have efficiencies as high as 88%. They meet the increasingly stringent power quality requirements of major OEMs.



  • Unregulated configurations for simplicity and reliability

  • Regulated configurations with tight voltage control

  • Output voltage: 28 V dc nominal

  • Output current: 10 – 400 A

  • Input/output isolation – separate primary and secondary windings

  • 12-pulse or 24-pulse rectification

  • Options for free, forced or fan cooling

  • Long-life field-proven fan

  • Clean output power ensuring compatibility with avionics loads

  • Availability of thermal sensor trip and fan fail signal

  • Clean input power with low harmonic distortion


Let us help you determine the best TRU for your application. Use the Ask the Expert button on the left.


Output Input Voltage Part Number
Amps V dc
125 28 115/200 V ac, 3-phase, 360 - 440Hz 81-014
200 28 115/200 V ac, 3-phase, 324 - 596Hz 81-107
250 28 115 V ac, 3-phase, 400Hz 81-083
250 28 115 V ac, 3-phase, 400Hz 81-084


Typical Applications

  • Aircraft DC Bus Power

  • Commercial aircraft

  • Commercial helicopters

  • Regional and business jets

  • Military aircraft