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Traveling Wave Tube (TWT) Power Supplies


To meet the requirements for systems with TWT applications, we design and manufacture high voltage power supplies, either AC-DC or DC-DC, that are configured to operate from the prime power that is available from ships, planes or other power distribution systems. Developed to power microwave tubes with a minimum of hassle, these power modules are capable of being driven by high frequency AC voltage such as generated by switching converters.


Our products are custom developed to integrate with ECM, Radar Transmitters and Satellite High Power Communications Amplifiers driving TWTs. We have been specializing in TWT products since 1962 and have the expertise and reputation to provide you with the ultimate in power products for your TWT application.



Power Supply Capabilities

  • Designed to meet the most severe military environments
  • Inputs of 28 V dc or 115/208 V ac aircraft power
  • 1 to 12 kW outputs
  • Output voltage to 35 kV
  • Drive up to 2 TWTs for radar and communication applications
  • Drive up to 24 TWTs for ECM application
  • Modular construction
  • High efficiency: some units >90%
  • Low acoustic noise: some units <70 dBc
  • Power densities to 13 W/cu. in.
  • Military designs/commercial configurations
  • Microprocessor or FPGA-controlled
  • Active monitoring, status and response to extensive BIT functions
  • Liquid cooled or conditioned aircraft air

Typical Applications

  • Electronic countermeasure
  • Reconnaissance
  • Radar
  • Transmitters
  • Satellites
  • Communications
  • Amplifiers