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Power Distribution and Management Systems

We integrate standard power components into custom power system solutions that save volume, weight, and cost while increasing reliability. ELDEC has the expertise to integrate your power needs into complete management and distribution systems that save on weight, space and costs. Innovative designs are already proven on aircraft such as the Boeing 777 and the newest regional jets. They are especially made for flight critical applications, offering high reliability, redundancy, high power quality, high efficiency power conversion and low weight.


Power Management Features 

  • Bus controls
  • BITE
  • Load protection

Power Distribution Features

  • Integrated power conversion (28 - 270 V dc)
  • Significant weight and volume savings
  • Chapter 24 DC subsystem
  • Mission specific DC subsystems 
  • Solid-state power controllers

Typical Applications

  • Commercial aircraft

  • Regional jets

  • Business jets

  • Military jets and rotorcraft