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Low Voltage Power Supplies

4-875 LVPS

Crane Aerospace & Electronics has over 50 years of experience in the design and manufacture of high quality, high-reliability low voltage power supplies for use in avionics and electronic systems. These switch-mode power supplies are available with single or multiple outputs, and are designed to withstand the severe environments found in aerospace and military applications. Products are either custom or semi-custom, offering many options including unique shape requirements.


We also design and manufacture a family of power supplies designed to operate directly from prime power available from the host platform. Applications include the next generation of solid-state radar, DC regulated aircraft bus, shipboard chlorination, air conditioning and refrigeration systems and pulsed laser systems.


Whether the requirement is for AC-DC conversion or DC-DC conversion, our custom and semi-custom products deliver the high reliability that you have come to expect from Crane. Put your trust in us and watch your product deliver.



  • Inputs of 28 V dc, 270 V dc, 115 V ac, 400 Hz, single or 3-phase, 265/460 V ac

  • Customized output power of up to 370 V dc

  • Power outputs ranging from 30 watts to over 15 kW

  • Multi-Outputs

  • Current levels to over 200 A

  • Air cooled or conduction cooled

  • Operating efficiencies > 85%

  • Power densities to 40 W/ for DC-DC converters


Low Voltage Power Supply Data Sheets

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Low Voltage Power Supplies
Output Input Voltage Part Number
Watts (Avg) V dc
10,000 28 270 V dc PSLB2225
15,000 28 400 V dc PSLB0214




  • Cockpit and In-Cabin Instruments and Printers

  • Flight Management Computers

  • IFF Interrogators

  • Mission Data Loader Recorders

  • Secured Communication Terminals

  • Radar Warning Systems

  • Electronic Counter Measure Equipment

  • Fuel Quantity Measurement Systems

  • Auto-Throttle Servo Motors

  • Display Management Computers

  • Glare Shields

  • Weapon Interface Units

  • Stick and Throttle Power Systems

  • Airborne Internet Access Systems

  • Ground Based Weapon Systems

  • Fire and Turret Control Systems

  • Military Vehicle Display Systems

  • Naval Vessel Command & Utility Systems

  • High Power DC Regulated Aircraft Bus

  • Pulsed Laser Systems

  • Shipboard Chlorination, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Systems