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ECM and Radar Transmitters

Crane Aerospace & Electronics meets the evolving needs of Electronic Countermeasure (ECM) and radar manufacturers with rugged power solutions that hit the mark for lower costs, lighter weight and higher reliability. We can help you configure the ideal power solution for your application.

These transmitters are an integral sub-system of internal or externally pod-mounted ECM System for complete tactical aircraft electronic-warfare self-protection and shipboard applications.


Our radar transmitters provide low noise, low distortion and high reliability. They have been designed for Doppler multi-function or synthetic aperture radar applications, from ground based to airborne military and commercial environments. X Band transmitters are available within any 500 MHz sub-band within the 8.2 to 12.4 GHz band. Our transmitters operate in the X-Band frequency range and are deployed in airborne reconnaissance to detect, track and identify threats.


Our airborne ECM transmitters offer total Traveling Wave Tube (TWT) protection, remote control, compact size and are conduction cooled. We are also pleased to present our active cooling of high power electronics and are offering a compact rack mounted cooling system capable of removing up to 6 kW of heat from liquid cooled Electronic Warfare (EW) and high power electronic systems.



  • Input power of 115/200 V ac, 400 Hz (S & X Band)
  • Peak output power: Up to 50 kW (S & X Band)
  • Able to drive multiple TWTs
    - 1 to 8 in an airborne application
    - Up to 24 in a shipboard application
  • Graceful degradation
  • Steerable
    - Allows pilot to direct total power (RF) to front, rear or split)
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Failure mode activity status library
  • 1% to 10% Duty Cycle
  • Liquid, conduction or air cooled
  • Modular and dry integrated HVPS
  • Low noise
  • High altitude
  • Combine multiple TWT’s for increased power
  • Output Power 1-5 kW and 50+ kW



  • Military fighter aircraft
  • Military ground vehicles
  • UAVs