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3-Phase AC-DC Power with Active Power Correction

High power systems operating from 3-phase alternating current source increasingly require low input current harmonic distortion. Limits on total input current harmonic distortion and or individual harmonics are specified in later versions of DO-160 for commercial aerospace and military standards for shipboard power; power factor limits are imposed by additional military and commercial specifications. For systems or applications where the load approaches the source capacity, it is often required to impose strict harmonic limits, even when not required by regulation, to allow the source to maintain sufficient voltage waveform quality for other systems to operate.


Crane Aerospace & Electronics provides superior products for applications demanding high power quality based on both passive and active solutions. Active (switching conversion) approaches are preferred, either where regulation is required or source frequency is 50/60 Hz, or both. Passive solutions, ATRU’s, can achieve similar weight and volume to active solutions where the source frequency is higher, e.g., 400 Hz, and are generally preferred in these applications due to their simplicity and robustness.


Our 3-phase active power factor correction products are available in power levels ranging from 1 to 15 kW as individual converters and > 60 kW when paralleled as a sub-system.



  • 115 or 230 V ac line-neutral (Y), 230 or 460 V ac line to line (D) 3-phase input

  • Boost or buck configurations; outputs higher or lower than would result from direct rectification

  • Power levels from 1 to 15 kW for a single module

  • Parallel capability to > 90 kW

  • Efficiency > 96%

  • Conduction cooled and flow through liquid cooled versions



  • Front-end stage for regulated dc power distribution in racks or platforms

  • AC-DC interface for motors / actuators

  • Powering EW and radar systems


3-phase AC-DC Power Data Sheets

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Power Factor Corrected Converters
Output Input Voltage Part Number
Watts (Avg) V dc
16,000 28 208 V ac, 3-phase, 60Hz PSLB2223
25,000 28 480 V ac, 3-phase, 60Hz PSLB4230