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Modernizations and Upgrades


Current M&U Programs

By focusing on safety and cost of ownership, the modernization and upgrade team can work with individual customers to develop and implement cost effective solutions. Our retrofit programs are designed to improve reliability and increase commonality of equipment fleet-wide at lower cost (payback achieved under one year, dependent on program and fleet).


Reliability and maintenance improvement products are explained in detail in brochures for Airbus A320 or Boeing 737.


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Products for Airbus A320
Products for Boeing 737


Battery Systems

737 Battery Charger

Boeing 737 Battery Charger

ELDEC has developed a new, advanced Battery Charger Upgrade  (part number 8-930) for the Boeing 737-600/700/800/900, 747-400, 757 and 767 aircraft. It is a form, fit and function replacement for the existing ELDEC battery chargers on these airplanes.


Brake Control

Antiskid/Auto-Brake Control Unit

AACU Upgrade for Boeing 737 Carbon Brake

Boeing has certified new Carbon Brakes for production and field retrofit for the 737NG aircraft series. This Carbon Brake option reduces the aircraft weight by 300-700 pounds (136 to 318 kg) depending on aircraft model and airframe configuration. Crane Aerospace & Electronics new Antiskid/Auto-Brake Control Unit (AACU), part number 142-147, is designed to work with the Carbon Brakes.

C-130 Carbon Brake Antiskid Upgrade

C-130 Carbon Brake Antiskid Upgrade

Crane’s new digital Mark IV antiskid brake control systems are currently being installed on the US Air Force C-130H fleet as part of the Air Force’s Wheel Brake System Improvement (WBSI) program. The same system is also available for foreign military operators flying legacy C-130s. The Mark IV replaces the older, discontinued Mark II analog antiskid brake control system. Mark IV offers improved braking efficiencies leading to shorter, more controlled stopping with either carbon or steel brakes.


Fluid Management

Tri-Jet Fuel Pump Connector

Tri-Jet Fuel Pump Electrical Housing Connector

Crane’s fuel pump electrical housing connector (PN 60-843504) for the DC-10 / MD-11 / KC-10 aircraft is now qualified by Crane and Boeing. This connector delivers improved solderability and reliability while preventing moisture intrusion. The new connector replaces the older 60-84351 and eliminates the need for repetitive 18-month inspections defined in AD 2002-13-10 and AD 2011-11-05.



Landing Gear

Landing Gear Control Indication Unit

Airbus A320 Landing Gear Control and Interface Unit (LGCIU)

Crane’s 80-178-03-88013 Landing Gear Control Interface Unit (LGCIU) is the standard A320 production unit and a drop-in replacement for the 664700500A4A/B/C/D legacy unit.



Tire Pressure

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Maintaining proper tire pressure is very important both to aircraft safety and economics. SmartStem® is a wireless sensor built into the tire’s inflation stem that makes the daily tire pressure check quick, easy, accurate, and automatically documented.

Tire and Brake Monitoring System

Tire and Brake Monitoring System (TBMS)

Crane’s Tire and Brake Monitoring System has been standard on all B777’s since Q2 2007. Crane’s system provides benefits over older 777 installations by combining the TPMU and BTMU functions into a single Tire Brake Monitoring Unit (TBMU), eliminating an avionics unit. The tire temperature/pressure correction is done in the TBMU to provide an accurate tire pressure check without waiting for cooling down period.