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Multi-Mix® Microtechnology



Multi-Mix Microtechnology

Innovation through Integration®

Multi-Mix Microtechnology is an innovative process for fusing microwave multilayer integrated circuits (MMIC) and micro-multifunction modules (MMFM®). This process is based on fluoropolymer composite substrates, which are bonded together into a multilayer structure using a fusion bonding process. The fusion process provides a homogeneous dielectric medium for superior electrical performance at microwave frequencies. This technology allows the integration of active and passive functions into self-contained modules that are a fraction of the size of conventional hybrid units.



  • Integration of Active RF and Passive RF components

  • Reduce size, weight and component costs

  • Reduce parts count and complexity





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  Multi-Mix Microtechnology  


The Microwave Advantage


Markets | Applications

Electronic Warfare / Radar

  Electronic Warfare / Radar Applications  

Antenna Feed Networks

  • Beamformers
  • Custom Integrated Modules
  • Delay Lines
  • Filters/Switched Filters
  • Phase Shifters
  • Quad Hybrids/Couplers
  • Vector Modulators


Multilayer Process

Multilayer Process

The bonding process embeds MMICs, etched resistors, circuit patterns and plated-through holes to form a surface mount module requiring no further packaging. In fact, the MMFM structure becomes the package. This low-profile structure is very lightweight and the surface-mount format is compatible with microstrip or coplanar waveguide. The process controls of the Multi-Mix method allow a low-cost manufacturing approach that is suitable for high or low volume production. The platform strategy of MMFM reduces engineering cycle times and enables the Multi-Mix process to be an economical solution for new designs.




Multi-Mix PICO® and PICO Zapper®

Multi-Mix PICO and PICO Zapper

Multi-Mix PICO and PICO Zapper reduce the size of single-function microwave components as much as 87% compared to the previous Multi-Mix designs, which are among the smallest in the industry without sacrificing performance. Multi-Mix PICO and PICO Zapper provide the highest power handling ability in the smallest footprint.