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Ku-Band Iso-Dividers™



Ku-Band Iso-Dividers

Ku-Band Iso-Dividers combine the functions of high-performance power dividers (or combiners) with ferrite isolators. These new devices have exceptional insertion loss and band flatness performance in a small, lightweight package while providing the high reliability that is crucial for space applications. They are designed for satellite receiver or transmitter redundancy applications, without introducing complex switch-based solutions.



  • Combines power dividers (or combiners) and ferrite isolators functions in a single package

  • Solves passive satellite redundancy in receive and transmit applications

  • High port isolation with low insertion loss

  • Reduced size and weight than an equivalent discrete assembly – average 60% volume reduction

  • Better overall performance than separate devices

  • Fewer components for lower assembly cost and higher system reliability





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  Ku-Band Iso-Dividers  


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Ku-Band Iso-Dividers

  • Passive satellite redundancy interconnection
  • Transmit and receive applications
  • No sensing or switching required


Ku-Band Iso-Divider Performance Specs

  Performance           2-Way 4-Way 8-Way
  Frequency Range 10.7 - 14.8 GHz 10.7 - 14.8 GHz 10.7 - 14.8 GHz
  Return Loss (input & output), min 20 dB 20 dB 20 dB
  Isolation between Outputs, min 36 dB 38 dB 38 dB
  Insertion Loss, max 1,8 db 1.2 dB 2.2 dB
  Phase Balance, max +5° +8° +/-12°
  Power Handling, max 2 W 2 W 2 W
  Magnetic Emission, max 0.5 Am2 0.5 Am2 0.5 Am2
  EMI Shielding, min -80 dBi -80 dBi -80 dBi
  RF Connection Interface SMA Female SMA Female SMA Female
  Operating Temperature Range -55° to +85° C -55° to +85° C -55° to +85° C
  Weight, max 42 g 85 g 270 g
  Package Size (excluding connectors) 1.56” x 1.01” x 0.56” 2.64” x 1.52” x 0.56” 4.00” x 1.94” x 0.54”
  Datasheet View Datasheet View Datasheet View Datasheet


The Making of the Ku-Band Iso-Divider


Crane’s Ku-Band Iso-Divider is unlike anything else on the market today, and it’s all thanks to a conversation with a customer. The customer wanted a way to directly connect power dividers with isolators, both of which are usually acquired separately. Crane’s engineers realized that this could be simplified, and designed a new product that combines both functions in a single, significantly smaller package.


Available in 2-way, 4-way, and 8-way configurations, the Ku-Band Iso-Divider product family demonstrates Crane’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.