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Military Aircraft Brake Control Systems

Military Aircraft, with their unique environmental and operational requirements, have always been a significant element of Hydro-Aire's antiskid business. The first Hydro-Aire Mark I antiskid was developed for the military Boeing B-47 bomber in 1947. Military aircraft received the benefit of the significant performance improvement available from the Hydro-Aire Mark III slip velocity control with systems installed on the F-4, F-15, F/A-18, C-9B, C/KC-135, and the B-1A /B. Developmental Mark III systems were also developed for the F-5 and CF-5 aircraft.


The C-17 was the first Military aircraft to use the Hydro-Aire digital Mark IV antiskid technology with an integrated Brake Temperature Monitoring System (BTMS).


Hydro-Aire Mark V systems have been developed and installed on the X-35, the Lockheed JSF demonstrator, the X-33 reusable space vehicle demonstrator, the X-34 experimental vehicle, and the Tier II UAV.