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Commercial Aircraft Brake Control Systems

Hydro-Aire develops and manufactures high efficiency, adaptable brake control systems for many commercial aircraft. Hydro-Aire and Boeing pioneered brake control in 1946 and installed the first system on a Boeing/USAF B-47 in 1947. The B-47 was the world's first high speed, swept wing, jet bomber and led the way for the introduction of modern transport aircraft.



Hydro-Aire has continued to define and refine the science of antiskid brake control since 1947. The systems have evolved from the early tire-savers to the modern, fully adaptive, digital Mark IV system, which is standard equipment on all current production Boeing aircraft. To learn more about antiskid, view the Antiskid Tutorial.



Hydro-Aire develops and manufactures Autobrake Systems (automatic braking systems) that produce safe, automatic brake pressure application without pilot action. Autobrake systems are standard on all current production Boeing aircraft. Pilot selectable levels of deceleration provide smoother, more efficient braking in landing mode operations, and full brake pressure application provides maximum braking in the event of a rejected take-off (RTO). To learn more about autobrake, view the downloadable Autobrake Tutorial.