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Business Aircraft Brake Control Systems

Hydro-Aire developed the first business jet antiskid system for a Lear model 2A by modifying an existing commercial aircraft system. Hydro-Aire subsequently developed antiskid and brake control systems tailored specifically for business jet aircraft. Hydro-Aire now supplies a majority of the antiskid and brake control systems for all of the major business jet manufacturers.


Business jets cover a significant range of applications from the Entry Level jets carrying a few passengers with relatively short missions to the Light, Light Medium, Medium, Heavy Medium, Heavy, and BizLiner categories with up to a dozen passengers (or more) and very extended range missions. Business jet antiskid and brake control systems similarly cover a wide range of landing velocities, landing weights, landing gears, brakes and performance requirements.


Hydro-Aire has developed paired and individual wheel control Mark III (analog), Mark IV (digital) and Mark V (Brake-by-Wire) antiskid and brake control systems for all classes of business jet aircraft.