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Brake Control Systems

Hydro-Aire's advanced brake control systems have many advantages for the OEM and aircraft operator, including:


  • Antiskid Protection:  the leader in the industry
  • Complete braking control from aircraft touchdown to low speed dropout
  • Autobrake provides the pilot deceleration levels
  • Carbon Brake Antiskid/Auto-Brake Control  
  • Locked Wheel Protection: prevents safety-critical situations from occurring, as well as blown tires
  • Touchdown Protection: added safety prevents blown tires during landing
  • Wheel Spin-Down: for landing gear retraction
  • Complete BITE (Built-In-Test) for status monitoring
  • Brake Temperature Monitoring System  (optional configuration)




Additional Information


Other Sources of Information on Antiskid and Brake Control

Hydro-Aire does not endorse any of the following information, but provides it as a service in order to assist our customers. Please contact each of these organizations for further information.


Organization Source Description
SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers - Aerospace Landing Systems Committee)
The SAE has an active Aerospace committee, which has various studies and publications that may be useful. All of these are available for purchase from their web site. They have quite a number of interesting articles on antiskid and brake control, such as:

- Information on Antiskid Systems

- Design and Testing of Antiskid Brake Control Systems For
  Total Aircraft Compatibility


Air Force
US Air Force Research Laboratories

The USAF has performed various research projects on brake control, antiskid and landing systems over the years.

Hydro-Aire has participated in a number of these projects, most recently in the Electric Brake prototyping performed at Wright-Patterson AFB.
Aircraft Technology Engineering & Maintenance magazine

Aviation Technology provided a file of their article:
Stopping At All Costs (Aircraft Braking Systems)

Article discusses antiskid, brake control, and brake technologies.
Book Title: Aircraft Wheels, Brakes, and Antiskid Systems
    Author: Dale Crane, ASIN: 0891000992

Book Title: Emerging Technologies in Aircraft Landing Systems
    Published by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE)