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Vane Pumps, Positive Displacement Pumps

Lear Romec introduced the vane pump design for aerospace applications in the late 1920's and continues to refine the technology. Today, we produce single and multiple element vane pumps designed to operate in a variety of demanding environments. Lear Romec vane pumps are robust and can be used in oil, fuel, and coolant applications.



A typical vane element consists of a rotor, liner, and vanes as illustrated. The liner encases the rotor and vanes with the vanes sliding within their slots in the rotor. As the rotor rotates within the liner, centrifugal force throws the vanes outward to form a seal with the liner. A partial vacuum is then created at the inlet side of the pump drawing in fluid which is discharged through the outlet side upon further rotation of the rotor. The unique geometry of the vane liner bore creates the needed fluid flow as the rotor and blades rotate inside it.


Vane pumps offer inherent advantages within certain operating conditions. Lear Romec designed vane pumps provide the following advantages:


  • Superior air/oil pumping capability
  • High contamination resistance
  • Weight and size advantages
  • Packaging flexibility
  • Single or multi-element arrangements
  • Accessory pad or motor driven
  • Industry leading reliability

Typical multi-element pump applications include:


  • Lube and scavenge function for jet engine bearings and gearbox
  • Drive generator lubrication and scavenging



Typical single elements pump applications include:


  • Single sump gearboxes
  • Priming elements for centrifugal pumps
  • Coolant pumps for environmental control systems
  • Actuation for clutches


View of a Typical Vane Element

Below is an illustration of a single bore vane element: