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Tri-jet Fuel Pump Electrical Housing Connector

Tri-Jet Fuel Pump Connector
Tri-jet Fuel Pump Connector
The new Hydro-Aire fuel pump electrical housing connector (PN 60-843504) prevents moisture intrusion into the fuel pumps of DC-10, MD-10, KC-10 and MD-11 aircraft.


Installation of the new connector and a fault current detector completely terminates the required recurring inspections.


Save time, labor and cost - contact us today to retrofit your tri-jet fleet!



  • Improved solderability and sealing
  • Viton compound over-mold for enhanced compatibility to fluid and environment exposure
  • Reliability verified through Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT)


Markets | Applications

Commercial   Defense
  • Boeing DC-10
  • Boeing KC-10
  • Boeing MD-10
  • Boeing MD-11



Eliminate Connector Inspections

Installing the new connector with a fault current detector:

  • Terminates recurring inspection requirement
  • Eliminates risk of fuel pump damage and costly repair
  • Fault current detector installation already mandated in AD 2013-08-23

Installing the new connector alone:

  • Extends required on-wing inspections required in AD 2011-11-05 and AD 2002-13-10 from 18 to 24 months
  • Inspections can be conducted as part of the regular heavy check
  • Saves time, labor and cost

Documentation Available

Three Service Bulletins with further information and installation details are available now:

  • Crane Service Bulletin 60-843/845-28-2

  • Boeing Service Bulletin DC10-28-264

  • Boeing Service Bulletin MD11-28-146-00


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