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Spur Gear Pumps, Positive Displacement Pumps

Another type of positive displacement pump manufactured by Lear Romec is the spur gear pump. The spur gear pump is well suited for use in oil, fuel, and coolant applications.


Spur Gear PumpA typical spur gear pump consists of a driven gear and another that runs free contained within a pump housing. The rotation of the gears creates a partial vacuum through the unmeshing of the gear teeth, drawing fluid into the inlet side of the pump. As the rotating gears mesh together, an increase in pressure occurs and the fluid is transferred between the rotating gear teeth, and the pump housing, to the outlet side of the pump.


Spur gear pumps provide the following advantages:

  • Shorter packaging
  • High pressure capability
  • Good contamination resistanceSpur Gear


Upper housing removed to show spur gear elements ->





Below is an illustration of an external gear element:


Spur Gear Drawing