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Gerotor Pumps, Positive Displacement Pumps

Gerotor PumpLear Romec provides positive displacement pumps utilizing gerotor technology. Gerotor pumps are offered in single and multiple element arrangements and are used mostly in oil applications.


Gerotor elements use a drive shaft with an inner and outer rotor. As the inner rotor rotates, a volume is created within the element. This volume creates a partial vacuum between the inner and outer rotor and fluid is drawn in through the port plates on the inlet side of the element. As the inner rotor continues to rotate, the volume is progressively reduced in size and the fluid is discharged through the port plates on the outlet side of the element.


Lear Romec gerotor pumps provide the following advantages:

  • Single shaft design
  • Minimized parts
  • Common parts
  • Packaging flexibility
  • Single or multi-element arrangements

  Below is an illustration of an internal gear element: