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Fuel Flowmeters

ELDEC is the preferred supplier of fuel flowmeters on today’s business, military and commercial aircraft programs. We pioneered motorless true mass flowmeters – measuring the fuel flow rate for gas turbine engines directly in mass, not volume. We’re continually improving performance to assure you the very highest in performance, reliability and accuracy. ELDEC flowmeters give you these features and more:


  • Accuracy of 0.5% or better of reading at given cruise conditions
  • Operation in extreme environments – temp from -65 to +400 o F (-55 to +200 oC), vibration levels in excess of 20 g and normal operating fuel pressures in excess of 1,200 psi
  • Exceptional reliability backed by over 25,000 units in service and a MTBF of 50,000 hours
  • Precision calibration

Choose from three flowmeter families. There are many models in each family so there’s sure to be one that matches your cost and performance targets.


9-231 Low Range Flowmeter Low Range

70 to 3,000 lb/hr (32 kg/hr to 1,361 kg/hr)

Typical application: Commuter Jets, Turboprops






9-127 Mid Range Fuel Flowmeter Mid Range

130 to 6,000 lb/hr (59 kg/hr to 2,722 kg/hr)

Typical application: Business Jets





9-217 High Range Fuel Flowmeter High Range

280 to 46,000 lb/hr (127 kg/hr to 20,866 kg/hr)

Typical application: Large Transports



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