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mcX Premium Seat Modular Control System

P.L. Porter

     mcX Premium Seat Motion Control Chair


The mcX™ Premium Seat Modular Control System delivers the ultimate passenger experience on business and first class seats. mcX offers maximum flexibility to seat manufacturers, lower cost of ownership to airlines, and an enhanced experience to passengers.


The mcX system uses a distributed control architecture, which allows individual modules to operate independently from a central controller. The result is a quick acting, smooth, and smart system. The patented modular architecture and primary / secondary CANBUS system allows for rapid system expansion and simple, low cost peripheral add-ons.


Passengers enjoy smooth, quiet, responsive seat motion with seamless integration of peripheral systems. Airlines enjoy a flexible, reliable system that can be easily expanded or upgraded. mcX systems are installed on carriers around the globe, with adoption rates rising worldwide.


  • Patented “smart unit” modular architecture
  • Integrated seat and passenger accessory control via CANBUS
  • Enhanced diagnostic and prognostic capabilities
  • Quiet operation
  • Patented “safety zone” collision avoidance system



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Crane A&E Cabin


Markets | Applications

Cabin Seat Actuation

Seat Actuation

  • Seat pan
    - Vertical and horizontal motion
  • Headrest tilt
  • Leg rest
  • Arm rest
  • Back rest
  • Foot rest 


  Cabin Peripheral Systems

Peripheral Systems

  • Lighting
  • Climate control
  • In-seat power
  • In-flight entertainment
  • Passenger control unit
  • Lumbar support
  • Massage



      Cabin Aircraft Actuators
  • Linear thru-shaft actuator
  • Linear extension shaft actuator
  • Full-sized rotary actuator
  • Compact rotary actuator
Accessory Modules
      Cabin Aircraft Modules Accessories
  • Passenger control modules
  • Auxiliary interface module
  • Legacy actuator module
Power Supply
      Cabin Aircraft Modules Power Supply
  • Power supply module
  • 180W and 250W options
      Cabin Aircraft Modules Lumbar
  • Lumbar control and bladder system
  • Active inflation
  • Active and passive deflation options