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iMotion Premium Seat Actuation System

P.L. Porter

     iMotion Premium Seat Actuation System

iMotion Seat Junction Box


The iMotion™ Premium Seat Actuation System uses a central controller-powered electronic system to provide a high-quality passenger experience on business and first class seats.


It delivers simultaneous operation of single, double or triple seats and passenger accessories with a full range of actuators and lumbar options. High-performance actuators provide smooth seat movement, while increased accessory power gives operators flexible configuration options. Passengers can rest easy with a patented ‘safety zone’ collision avoidance feature and user-adjustable jam protection settings.



  • Simultaneous coordinated motion for up to six actuators per pax
  • Patented “safety zone” collision avoidance
  • Touchscreen or keypad passenger control
  • Rotary or linear electro-mechanical actuation with electronic position feedback
  • Programmable massaging lumbar



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Markets | Applications

Business and First-Class Aircraft Cabin Seating

Cabin Seat Actuation

Seat Actuation

  • Seat pan
    - Vertical and horizontal motion
  • Headrest tilt
  • Leg rest
  • Arm rest
  • Back rest
  • Foot rest 
  • Privacy screen


  Cabin Peripheral Systems

Peripheral Systems

  • Lighting
  • Climate control
  • In-seat power
  • In-flight entertainment
  • Passenger control unit
  • Lumbar support
  • Massage



      iMotion Electronics Power Supply
iMotion Premium Seat Actuation System
  • Flexible mounting brackets for easy conversion
  • Compact seat junction box with all user interface
    - Status indicator LED’s
    - Individual pax power interrupt switches
    - Download and communication ports
    - BITE diagnostics
    - Seat assembly circuit breaker
  • Remote option for calibration switch and power interrupt
  • Calibration activated by switch or PCU keypad
  • Auto-calibration with clearance to hardstops
  • Point-to-point harness system for ease of replacement
  • Daisy chain or series power integration with aircraft power
  • 12 volt up to 3 amps for DC accessories
  • iMotion I Power Supply: Individual power supply / main controller per pax
  • iMotion II Power Supply: Double or triple seat options with remote option for calibration

Thru-shaft Actuators
  Thru-shaft actuators
  • Compact or full size
  • Unlimited stroke
  • Up to 300 lbs nominal load, 500 lbs peak load
  • LPS electronic feedback
  • Manual release override 28 volt DC

Extension Shaft Actuators
  Extension shaft actuators
  • Compact or full size
  • Up to 5.3 in. stroke
  • Up to 600 lbs nominal load, 900 lbs peak load
  • LPS electronic feedback
  • Gimbal attachment end for sideload tolerance
  • Manual release override 28 volt DC

Rotary Actuators
  Rotary actuators
  • Compact or full size
  • Patented “Superbrake” option for 16G dynamic restraint
  • Up to 500 in-lbs operating torque
  • Available with sound dampening isolation mount
  • LPS electronic feedback
  • Manual release override 28 volt DC

iMotion Lumbar
  Pneumatic lumbar and body support system
  • Single, dual or multi-chamber custom designs
  • Color-coded pressure hoses for easy removal and re-installation
  • Custom shapes, headrest pillows, other body support
  • Standard massage feature
  • Programmable smart system for added functionality
    - User-defined massage sequence
    - Re-programmable in service
  • Auto-deflation and active deflation options