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Warranty Service and Claims


General Information

Crane Aerospace & Electronics supports aircraft operators with spares and technical support as specified in the OEM Product Support Agreements. Crane makes every effort to support all of its products for as long as the products remain in commercial revenue air service.


Warranty Reimbursement Program

Approved airlines and repair centers can make repairs, corrections and modifications under a Crane warranty, if the terms and conditions explained below are met.


To be eligible for warranty reimbursement, units must be removed within warranty period, and all warranty claims must be submitted within 90 days of unit removal date. This information describes the procedures for warranty claims on Crane products installed on any commercial aircraft and items sold as spare parts. Coverage is subject to conditions and limitations of applicable aircraft warranty.


Crane reserves the right to cancel or amend these procedures at any time.


Any claim submitted before cancellation or amendment, will be processed according to the policy in effect at the time the claim is filed.


Completing a Claim

A Customer claim for reimbursement for repair, correction or modification must be submitted to Crane within 90 days of unit removal date or approved modification. Reimbursement will not be made to second or third party facilities.


Claims can be submitted online using the Warranty Claim Request Form.


Replaced Parts

If component parts are replaced, the customer must indicate assembly part number, serial number and warranty claim number. This information should be kept for 90 days until claim processing is completed.


Crane, at its expense, may request that the defective components be returned to our facility. The customer may scrap the parts, if a request is not made within 60 days of submitting a claim.



Crane is not liable for defects or failures because of negligence, unauthorized repair, malfunctions or failure, when the operating, maintenance or overhaul manual or related instructions have not been followed.



When a warranty claim is completed, reimbursement includes:


Direct labor

  • All direct labor hours in repair, correction or modification, if Crane estimate of required man-hours is not exceeded.
  • This would include labor for disassembly, test, repair, calibration, reassembly, inspection and final test.
  • Reimbursement will be made at current warranty reimbursement rate.
  • We will not refund labor expended in isolating the failure on the aircraft, nor for removal or reinstallation of the unit on the aircraft unless mandated by a product support agreement.

Direct materials

  • All material must be obtained from our facility.

Total reimbursement

  • Cannot exceed the cost of us performing the same repair.

Warranty Continuation

The remaining portion of the original warranty excluding failures relating to work performed by operator will apply after repair. No extension to the warranty will be given.


Warranty Repair

Crane provides a price list for major components. Components are not available on a loan or free-of-charge basis.


  • If you do not have the capability or choose not to repair or modify hardware, Crane can provide high quality, cost effective service. As the original manufacturer, we are able to repair or modify our products to the latest configurations using the most up-to-date procedures and test equipment.

If you are sending a product in for repair, please read and follow the Product Return instructions.


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