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P.L. Porter


P.L. Porter - Burbank, California, USA
Burbank, California, USA
Crane is the global leader in P.L. Porter-brand position control devices and adjusting technology for aircraft seating and other aircraft cabin applications. Other industries, including office furniture, bus, rail, and home health equipment, now specify P.L. Porter position control devices.



P.L. Porter products provide our customers with:



Fact Sheet

P.L. Porter
Location Burbank, California, USA
Year Founded 1947
Year Acquired by Crane Co. 2004


Product/Market Focus


The P.L. Porter brand is known for Hydrolok®, the first hydraulic aircraft seat recline device, pioneered in the 1940s. Since then, many other innovative position control solutions have been introduced, including the Mechlok®, a linear mechanical actuator, various mechanical and hydraulic controls, and sophisticated computer-controlled electronic seat actuation and comfort control systems for first- and business-class seating.


Crane provides a full range of services for its P.L. Porter products, from application engineering through testing to final design and aftermarket support. Using a combination of customer-focused management techniques, team-oriented production, and total quality management, Crane is able to deliver cost-effective position control solutions which meet, and often exceed, our customers' expectations.