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About Us


We are 2,800 employees, working together in multiple locations worldwide to give manufacturers and airlines one integrated source for sensing, power, braking, electronics and more.  



Crane Aerospace & Electronics combines the experience of nine long-time industry leaders to supply critical systems and components to the aerospace, defense and space markets. Our heritage brands have decades of proven experience, and in many cases invented critical technologies in their respective markets. Through innovative design, we deliver proven systems, reliable components and flexible power solutions that excel in tough environments, from engines and landing gear to satellites, missiles and avionics.


Products and services are segmented into six businesses: Sensing & Utility Systems, Fluid Management, Power Solutions, Landing Systems, Cabin Systems, and Microwave Solutions. These products are backed by leading technical expertise and world-class design and manufacturing processes. Our technical strength, product reliability, innovative solutions, and commitment to lean manufacturing bring The Crane Advantage to customers. Find out more in our Corporate Overview.

We are 2,800 employees working together in multiple locations


Our Values

R.T. Crane, Founder of Crane Company

Crane's founder, Richard Teller Crane, was focused on doing business the right way and providing the best quality for our customers when he started Crane in 1855. Crane Aerospace & Electronics is built on that same foundation of strength and integrity. His vision for the company is still in existence today.  


"I am resolved to conduct my business in the strictest honesty and fairness;
to avoid all deception and trickery; to deal fairly with both customers and competitors;
to be liberal and just toward employees; and to put my whole mind upon the business."

Richard Teller Crane, July 4, 1855


Our Company

In 1999, Crane Aerospace was formed from four long-time industry leaders — ELDEC Corporation, Lear Romec, Hydro-Aire and Interpoint. The newly formed organization gave customers and partners one source for sensing, power, fuel and braking systems — and the many years of experience that these industry pioneers had between them.


Signal Technology was added to the Crane Aerospace team in 2003, bringing along the well-known Keltec brand, and the name evolved to Crane Aerospace & Electronics. P.L. Porter's portfolio of seat actuation products were added in 2004, and Merrimac Industries brought their unique Multi-Mix® technology to the team in 2010.


Each of the brands that make up Crane Aerospace & Electronics is proven in the marketplace, recognized globally and maintains a large market share in the markets in which they serve. Today, when you partner with Crane Aerospace & Electronics, you join our rich heritage of experience, product leadership and operational excellence.


Our Brands

  ELDEC, Hydro-Aire, Interpoint, Keltec, Lear Romec, Merrimac Industries, P.L. Porter, Polyflon, Signal Technology  


Our Leadership

Steve Zimmerman, President, Aerospace and Electronics Group

Steve Zimmerman
President, Crane Aerospace & Electronics


Steve Zimmerman is the President of Crane Aerospace & Electronics. Crane Aerospace & Electronics is one of four segments of Crane Co., a diversified manufacturer of highly engineered industrial products with 2017 sales of $2.7 billion. As President, Steve is responsible for the Fluid Management, Landing Systems, Cabin Systems, Sensing Systems, Power Solutions, and Microwave Solutions.


Steve has extensive aerospace experience across commercial and military markets including electrical and mechanical systems, cabin interiors, and aircraft structures. Prior to joining Crane, Steve held both functional and general management leadership roles at Honeywell Aerospace, Zodiac Aerospace, and most recently at Esterline.


Steve earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Washington, a Master's of Science in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Southern California, and a Master's of Business Administration at Arizona State University. He is a registered professional engineer in the State of California.


Our Markets

Commercial Markets

Engines Markets



Cabin Equipment

Flight Controls & Utility Systems

Landing Gear Systems

Engine & Fuel Systems

Secondary Power Source and Distribution Equipment

Avionic System Equipment

Door System Equipment



Position Indication & Engine Control

Oil Condition Monitoring

Fuel Measurement



Defense Markets

Rotorcraft Markets



Weapons & Utility Systems

Engines & Fuel Systems

Landing Gear Systems

Radar & Avionic System Equipment

Secondary Power Source and Distribution Equipment

Tactical Weapons & Data Link - EW Jamming



Rotor & Utility Systems

Landing Gear Systems

Secondary Power Source and Distribution Equipment

Engines & Fuel Systems

Radar & Avionic System Equipment

Tactical Weapons & Data Link - EW Jamming

Space Markets


Distributed Power Conversion & Filtering

Microwave Conversion

Potable Water & Coolant Pumping

Maritime Markets


High Power RF Jamming Systems

Fire Control & Surveillance Radar

Standard Missile & Supporting Systems

Fluid Management

Power Management & Distribution Systems

Transportation Markets


Seat Recline & Control Mechanisms

Ground-based Defense Markets


Satellite Communications

Fluid Management

Broadband Data Links

Fire Control & Surveillance Radar

Weapons Fire Control

Vehicle Power Management

Tactical Data Links



Our Locations

Crane Aerospace & Electronics serves customers worldwide through its global network of locations, distributors and representatives. Headquartered in the Seattle, Washington area, Crane Aerospace & Electronics has ten main production locations.


Burbank, California

Chandler, Arizona

Elyria, Ohio

Fort Walton Beach, Florida

Kaohsiung, Taiwan


Lynnwood, Washington

Lyon, France

Norwalk, Connecticut

Redmond, Washington

West Caldwell, New Jersey

  For more information about our locations, see Contact Us.  
  Our Locations  



Our Quality

Crane Aerospace & Electronics' total commitment to quality is demonstrated not just by the efforts of the Quality Assurance organization, but by the day-to-day activities of all team members. Total quality is built into each step of the design and manufacture of our products through the use of structured procedures, Operational Excellence and employee participation. Reflecting our commitment to quality, all Crane Aerospace & Electronics sites have quality management systems certified to ISO 9001 and AS9100, as shown in the table below for each location.

Quality Certifications and Key Approvals

Location ISO 9001/
ECMP FAA EASA CAAC Audit Checklist Nadcap
Burbank CA ISO/AS A5006 QD3R785L
Ops Specs
Alcohol Misuse
145.4560 CCAR 145 Responses NDT
Chandler AZ ISO/AS - - - - - -
Elyria OH ISO/AS - C7CR238J
Ops Specs
Alcohol Misuse
145.4357 CCAR 145
- HT
Ft Walton Beach FL ISO/AS - - - - - -
Lynnwood WA ISO/AS A5005 AG4R049M
Ops Specs
Alcohol Misuse
145.5067  CCAR 145  
Responses -
Redmond WA Quality Info - - - - - -
Saint Priest, France ISO/AS - L8ZY367Y
Ops Specs
- - -
West Caldwell NJ ISO/AS - - - - - -

Quality Policy

Our guiding business principle is to anticipate and exceed the requirements of our internal and external customers. We will provide superior products and services that always satisfy the customer by continually improving processes. Our ultimate goal is 100% quality, delivery and performance every time. All team members are responsible for achieving our quality objectives.

Operational Excellence

The Operational Excellence program at Crane Co. is designed to implement Lean principles through all business units. It is built on the foundation of our Six-Sigma program, but it extends beyond Six-Sigma into a full Lean initiative. The goal is simple: Focus on adding value to our customers by eliminating non-value-added activities and achieving world class quality.

Parts Manufacturer Approvals (PMA)


For PMA listings, please use the
 FAA PMA website.


For Our Investors


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